Introduction to Trademark Renewal

Welcome to, your trusted partner for comprehensive trademark renewal services in India. Safeguarding your brand’s identity and maintaining its legal protection requires timely renewal of your trademark registration. At, we make the trademark renewal process straightforward and hassle-free, ensuring that your brand remains protected and compliant with legal requirements.

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Benefits of Trademark Renewal

Legality and Compliance

Registration ensures legal recognition of the business under GST law and compliance with tax obligations.

Input Tax Credit (ITC):

Registered businesses can claim ITC on GST paid on purchases, reducing the tax burden on output supplies.

Interstate Transactions

Facilitates interstate trade by eliminating the cascading effect of taxes, enhancing competitiveness.

Business Expansion

Registration enables businesses to expand operations and engage in legal transactions with other GST-registered entities.

Access to Government Contracts

Many government tenders and contracts require GST registration, opening up opportunities for registered businesses.

Consumer Confidence

GST registration enhances credibility and consumer trust as it signifies compliance with tax laws and regulations.

Documents Required for GST Registration

PAN Card of the Applicant

Aadhaar Card

Proof of Constitution of Business (Partnership Deed, Certificate of Incorporation, etc.)

Address Proof of Principal Place of Business (Electricity Bill, Rent Agreement, etc.)

Bank Account Details (Cancelled Cheque or Bank Statement)

Digital Signature (for companies and LLPs)

Step-by-Step Guide for GST Registration

Visit the GST Portal

Go to the official GST portal ( and click on the ‘Register Now’ option under the ‘Taxpayers’ tab.

Fill Part A of Form GST REG-01

Provide basic details such as PAN, mobile number, and email address. You’ll receive an OTP for verification.

Fill Part B of Form GST REG-01

Complete the application by providing business details, promoter/partner details, and bank account information.

Upload Required Documents

Upload scanned copies of documents like PAN, Aadhaar, and proof of business constitution and address.


Once the application is complete, a verification code (ARN) will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number and email.

Verification by GST Officer

The application will be processed by the GST officer, who may request additional information or documents if required.

GSTIN Allotment

Upon successful verification, a GST Identification Number (GSTIN) will be issued, and the applicant will receive an email and SMS confirmation.

Download GST Certificate

Log in to the GST portal and download the GST registration certificate for future reference.

Our Services

Private Limited Company
Starting ₹ 8500/-
  • Separate Legal Entity
  •  No Minimum Capital Requirements
  • Perpetual Existence
  • Limited Liability
  • Less Compliance
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Limited Liability Partnership
Starting ₹ 6000/-
  • Suitable for small businesses
  • Limited Liability
  • Minimum 2 Designated Partners
  • Benefits of Pvt. Ltd and Partnership Firm both
  • Less Compliance
learn more
One Person Company (OPC)
Starting ₹ 12000/-
  • Benefits of Being MSME
  • Required Only One Person
  • Limited Liability
  • Easy Funding
  • Complete Control
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GST Registration
Starting ₹ 750/-
  • Beneficial for start –up
  • Supplier of Goods having 40 lakh turnover and Service Provider having 20 lacs
  • Voluntary Registration and Composition Registration
  • Less Compliance
  • Eliminates Cascading Effect
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FSSAI Registration
Starting ₹ 2000/-
  • Applicable for Food Business Vendors
  • Registration, Central and State Licence
  • Expansion Opportunities
  • Brand Building
  • License having Validity ( 1-5 yrs.)
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MSME Registration
Starting ₹ 1000/-
  • Timely Payment of Invoices
  • Benefits of Govt. Subsidy and schemes
  • Easy and collateral free loans
  • Benefits of Govt. Grants
  • Reduced rate of registration
  • Tax Exemptions
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Income Tax Return
Starting ₹ 400/-
  • To be Filed Every Year
  • Due date 31st July ( Non- Audited)
  • Income Proof
  • Carry your Losses
  • Filed Annually through ITR form
  • Avoid penalty
  • Ease in loans and getting visas
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GST Return
Starting ₹ 500/-
  • To be filed by every GST holder
  • Accountability of the registered user
  • Filing Purchase and Sales Invoices
  • Quarterly and Monthly Filing
  • Avoids GST Cancellation
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TDS Return
Starting ₹ 750/-
  • Filed by Person who liable to deduct TDS
  • Return to be filed every quarter
  • Legal compliance
  • Consequences for non-filing
  • No burden of tax annually on deductee
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Import & Export Code
Starting ₹ 2100/-
  • Applicable for both Exports and Imports
  • Any Entity can apply and take IEC
  • Registration having permanent validity
  • Various Govt. Incentive
  • Lesser Compliance
  • Scope in International market
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Trademark Registration
Starting ₹ 6000/-
  • Safeguard name of Brand
  • Any Entity can apply and TM
  • Low Cost ( Protection for 10 Years)
  • Build Loyalty and Trust
  • Exclusive Rights
  • Class Wise Registration
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ROC Annual Filing
Starting ₹ 6000/-
  • Easy to sell or Merge
  • Improved Credibility
  • Access to Capital
  • Avoidance of Penalties
  • Legal Compliance
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Deadlines and Penalties

Timely filing of Income Tax Return (ITR) is crucial to avoid penalties and interest charges. Here’s what you need to know:

Voluntary Registration

Businesses can voluntarily register for GST if their turnover does not exceed the prescribed threshold. There are no penalties for voluntary registration.

Mandatory Registration

Businesses exceeding the turnover threshold must register within 30 days from the date they become liable for registration. Failure to register within the deadline may attract penalties.

Late Filing Penalty

Registered businesses failing to file GST returns within the due dates are liable to pay late filing penalties and interest on the outstanding tax amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trademark Renewal is the process of extending the validity of a registered trademark. In India, a trademark is initially valid for ten years from the date of registration, and it must be renewed every ten years to maintain its protection.

Renewing a trademark is crucial to maintain exclusive rights over the mark. Failure to renew can result in the trademark being removed from the register, making it available for others to use or register.

You should apply for trademark renewal at least six months before the expiry date. However, you can still renew it within six months after the expiry date with a late fee.

If you fail to renew your trademark on time, it will be removed from the register. You can restore it within one year from the expiry date by paying additional fees and submitting a restoration application.

You can apply for trademark renewal online through the official website of the Trademarks Office or offline by submitting the required forms and fees to the Trademarks Registry.

Yes, you can make certain changes to your trademark during the renewal process, such as updating the owner’s details or making minor modifications to the mark. However, significant changes may require a new trademark application.

The trademark renewal process typically takes a few weeks to a few months, depending on the completeness of the application and the workload of the Trademarks Office.

Yes, you can renew your trademark within six months after the expiry date by paying a late fee. If more than six months have passed, you can apply for restoration within one year from the expiry date by paying additional fees.

Yes, you can transfer ownership of your trademark during the renewal process by submitting the necessary transfer documents along with the renewal application.

Tax India Helpline offers comprehensive assistance with trademark renewal, including document preparation, application submission, and follow-up with the Trademarks Office to ensure a smooth and hassle-free renewal process

You can check the status of your trademark renewal application online through the official website of the Trademarks Office by entering your application reference number.


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